About the CIF

The Concrete Industry Foundation Inc. (CIF) was established in 1993 to provide financial assistance to students preparing for careers in the design and construction industry, with special emphasis on study related to concrete.

The Foundation provides scholarships and grants for study at the graduate, undergraduate, technical college and apprentice levels to residents of the New York City Metropolitan Area who are studying at accredited schools and programs in the United States.

Since the first scholarships were awarded in 1996, the CIF has made 110 grants. All scholarships are funded without touching the Foundation's inviolate principal. The Foundation's work is supported by contributions from the design and construction industry, in particular from those involved in the many phases of concrete design and production.

At the discretion of the Board of Directors, the following scholarships and grants may be awarded annually:

The Francis J. and Lee J. Principe Scholarship in memory of Virginia Anne Principe

The Alfred Gerosa Scholarship

The Concrete Industry Board Scholarship

The Jack W. Weber Scholarship

The Gustav Erlemann Scholarship

The Frank Principe Scholarship for Industry Interns

The Joseph DePaola Grant

The Dominick & Josephine DeSimone Scholarship

The Raymond Heun Scholarship for Members of the Cement League

The Limbardo Scholarship